and then, he said no.
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St Patrick’s day, March 17th @ allaround/dublin
The Rolling Stones, June 13th @ stadedefrance/paris
Metronomy, July 3rd @ concertsdelaregion/rouen
Fakear, July 17th @ lesterrassesdujeudi/rouen

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Andy Samberg: Remember the time in 5th grade when you accidentally said, “I don’t shut up, I grow up, and when I look in the mirror, I throw up” and Ilan and I laughed so hard?
Chelsea Peretti: Yes. I was trying to flip it and be like, “When you look in the mirror you throw up,” but I failed really bad. That’s the day I learned to always draw within the lines and think inside the box.
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sans titre by wenninparis on Flickr.
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La Première gorgée de bière et autres plaisirs minuscules, Philippe Delerm

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. by Careless Edition on Flickr.
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(by chorickr)
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Les Tontons flingueurs imageimageimageimage
This is 40 imageimageimageimage
Casse-tête chinois imageimageimage
Joséphine imageimageimage
Yves Saint-Laurent imageimage
Dallas Buyers Club imageimageimageimageimage
The Piano image
American Hustle imageimageimage
The Grand Budapest Hotel imageimageimageimageimage
Blue Jasmine imageimageimageimage
Dead Poets Society imageimageimageimageimage
The Darjeeling Limited imageimageimage
Habemus Papam imageimage
Fading Gigolo imageimageimage
Night Moves image
Hollywood Ending imageimageimageimageimage
Arthur Newman imageimageimage
States of Grace imageimageimageimageimage
The Bridges of Madison County imageimageimageimage

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